With London Tech Week in full swing and events happening across the capital, we at EmpowerRD want to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic tech businesses we’ve worked with.

This is, without a doubt, a golden age for technology and innovation in London. According to statistics released this week by the Digital Economy Council, Britain’s startup investment is anticipated to break records at the end of this year, with the UK outpacing China in terms of startup investment throughout the first half of 2022.

Despite the economic strain caused by the pandemic and Brexit, the tech industry has continued to develop and thrive, and it’s thanks to many companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with. 

Here are just some of our favourites…


Flux is an award-winning business that delivers digital receipts for customers and unlocks sales growth for retailers through instant cashback.

Their aim is to liberate the world’s receipt data and provide a viable alternative to paper receipts as the sole method of tracking what we buy in brick-and-mortar shops. They now have over 1m customers generating an incredible 700k of receipts every month.

Having partnered with banks such as Barclays, Monzo and Starling, and retailers like KFC, Just Eat, H&M and Itsu, they deliver digital receipts and cashback offers to customers. To do this, Flux has built an infrastructure that links retailers and banks, combining the two data streams to send digital receipts back to the banking app.

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Streetbees is an AI-powered consumer intelligence platform that identifies global growth opportunities for world-leading brands like Unilever, Coty, RB and Danone.

It’s incredible how they achieve this! Over 4.5 million worldwide users – or ‘bees’ – are offered incentives to post photos, videos, and open text comments regarding their consumer choices via a WhatsApp-style app. This is done in real-time via their smartphones as they consume products.

Streetbees then crunch the data through natural language processing and AI, making it easy for companies to find precise growth opportunities and rich consumer intelligence for their brand category.

Since 2015, Streetbees has grown exponentially and was voted one of LinkedIn’s Top 15 UK Startups in 2020 and 2021, and was awarded ‘AI Product of the year’ by Computing Magazine in 2021.



Duffel offers the mostpowerful and intuitive tools for starting and growing a travel business.

Having realised how archaic, convoluted and bureaucratic the industry was, they developed cutting-edge API to allow customers to seamlessly move from booking to boarding.

When an aspiring travel business integrates with Duffel’s API, they don’t need regulatory requirements like local licensing and ticketing authority, instead, they benefit from Duffel’s direct relationships with 20 of the world’s best airlines and start selling flights.

Since 2017, Duffle has been on a mission to modernise the infrastructure that underpins travel, ensuring that it fits into today’s world and offers users a simpler travel experience.



Marshmallow is an insurtech company that offers customers fairer, faster and cheaper insurance through its sophisticated use of technology, data and AI.

Marshmallow was founded in 2017 by identical twins Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham, along with David Goaté, to revolutionise the insurance sector and achieve its ultimate objective of using data to offer cheaper insurance to customers who fell outside the conventional “good risk” profile.

Their unique approach, comprising fair pricing, quick and efficient customer service, mobile app use that enables digital claims, and no charge for changes made to a policy, has disrupted the insurance space for the better and we love that!



iknowa is an end-to-end building and renovation platform for tradespeople, property developers, landlords and tenants. It facilitates everything from the initial project query and estimates, to real-time; project performance monitoring and safe payments.

The main objective of iknowa from the start was to improve transparency, support, and efficiency in the industry through technology. To ensure this, iknowa provides details of the tradesperson individually, the company, the quality of their work, and their experience through their platform.

They also have a sophisticated management tool, making it easy to track projects from start to finish, ensuring no stone is left unturned. This also provides transparency for all stakeholders involved in the project.