Do you require us to commit to more than one year’s claim?

You are not obligated to file multiple years' claims; if you wish to switch providers, you are free to do so.

How is EmpowerRD’s fee calculated?

We charge a % of the credit you receive back from HMRC. For smaller claims, the % is fixed at 5%. So if you're a startup receiving £100,000 back, we'll charge you £5,000.

Are there other fees apart from the 5%?

No, we'll never charge you more than 5% of your credit. We'll even handle any follow-up enquiries from HMRC for free. Unlike many providers, the complexity of your claim doesn't affect how much we'll charge.

If our claim is unsuccessful, will you still charge?

We only charge for successful claims. 100% of our claims have been successful with HMRC.

Are you a DIY service? Why do you only charge 5%?

No, we're not a DIY service. Our low cost is due to the investment we've made automating a lot of the menial work traditionally done by advisors.

When will I receive my money with EmpowerRD Now?

We aim for all EmpowerRD Now clients to receive their funds on the same day their claim is submitted to HMRC. This is subject to the required documentation being presented beforehand.

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