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First time claiming R&D tax credits?

We help you every step of the way with your first R&D tax claim, with a straightforward, reliable process that’s helped over 1,000 UK companies successfully claim R&D tax credits.


Rely on us to guide you through your first claim, ensuring you receive the full value of credit due, while also remaining compliant with the scheme’s rules.

How you’ll claim R&D tax credits with EmpowerRD

Check if you qualify

Speak with our first time claimer team to establish if you are likely to qualify to claim R&D tax credits.

You can also use our handy R&D calculator for an immediate estimate of how much your claim could be worth.

Industry leading guidance
Saving your team's time

Support every step of the way

Our expert advisors and intelligent online platform guide you through your claim, from easily uploading your costs to adding your project information.

No stone left unturned

Our specialist team review and submit your claim, ensuring that it’s fully maximised and risk-free.

We then monitor and track your claim’s progress with HMRC, and in the unlikely event that HMRC query your claim, we’ll handle all communication.

Stay ahead of the curve
Be in the know

Claim paid out

Funds are delivered straight into your account once the claim is processed!

“EmpowerRD is doing R&D claims the way everyone should be doing it. They absolutely exceeded our expectations and are now one of our long term partners.”
Ben Jeffries, CEO & Co-Founder, Influencer

Read the full case study here

Want to learn more about the R&D tax credit scheme?
Read our Introduction to R&D Tax Credits guide for new claimants, and find answers to all of your questions on our FAQ page.

Why choose EmpowerRD for your first R&D tax claim?

A better experience, at a lower price

Our combination of the best claims advice and digitally supported process saves you time and money. Our fees start at just £3K, and max out at 5% of your credit for SME claims.

Results you can trust

Since 2017, we’ve helped over 1,000 companies successfully claim more than £160 million.

Industry-leading guidance

We specialise in R&D tax credit claims – it’s all we do. And we submit an average of 3 R&D tax credit claims every day.

Peace of mind

You pay nothing until your claim is successful. And, in the unlikely event that HMRC query your claim, we’ll handle all communication, with no additional fee.

Confidence in our service

We stand behind the quality of our R&D platform and service. So we avoid multi-year lock-in contracts that are typical for many tax advisors.


Get in touch to find out more

We know it can be tricky to claim R&D credits for the first time, and we’re here to help you.

Get in touch for a complimentary consultation and we’ll walk you through eligibility and qualifying costs so you understand what to expect.