Rethinking how to leverage R&D tax credits to power your business growth

Watch EmpowerRD and Fundsquire discuss how innovative businesses can fast track their growth by receiving the value of their R&D tax credit claim ahead of the standard HMRC payout time.

About the webinar

Whilst most businesses are aware of the R&D tax credit scheme, fewer know that they can get R&D advance funding, which gives you access to your future R&D tax credit up to 9 months early. The R&D Tax Credits scheme can be powerful for businesses when utilized and leveraged to suit what works best for them.

EmpowerRD’s Mike Baker and Fundsquire’s Rowan Gallagher and Jack Sparkes explain how this non-dilutive funding option can give your business quick and early access to the funds it needs to unlock working capital and invest, accelerate growth, and gain the advantage over the competition.

What we covered


  • What’s new in R&D Tax Credits? 
  • What is advance funding? How does it work?
  • The benefits of advance funding for growing businesses
  • Building a robust R&D tax credit claim and the role of technology in the current landscape
  • Business impact: customer success stories
  • Q&A

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About the speakers

Mike Baker, Strategic Business Development Manager, EmpowerRD
Mike Baker is responsible for driving Business Development at EmpowerRD and has advised hundreds of companies on their R&D claims potential, guiding them to making the best choices for their businesses. Mike has worked with companies ranging in size from early-stage startups to series C+ and listed businesses.

Rowan Gallagher, Managing Director, Fundsquire
Rowan joined Fundsquire in 2018 as the Managing Director in the UK. With ten years of experience in financial markets and working with scale-up technology companies, he’s passionate about sharing his industry knowledge and understanding of the R&D Tax Credits incentive to deliver capital in a secure way to some of the most fast growing companies in the UK.

Jack Sparkes, Originations Manager, Fundsquire
Jack joined Fundsquire in 2021 and is responsible for working with clients and partners to help ambitious companies to secure funding. He is passionate about working with some of the most innovative companies on the planet, and helping them to realise their growth path. Before joining he worked at a large asset manager where he focused on fundraising for climate transition projects.

About EmpowerRD

EmpowerRD has radically improved the process of applying for R&D tax credits, helping businesses unlock the full value of their claim for a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. By combining expert advisors with an industry-leading platform, EmpowerRD makes the claim process more reliable, time-efficient and cost-effective. EmpowerRD is 1 of 4 trusted advisors setting industry standards for the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and sits on HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee advising on government policy.

About Fundsquire

Fundsquire is a global source of capital that invests in innovative businesses in Australia, the UK and Canada. We work closely with our customers to provide straightforward, non-dilutive capital to grow, accelerate, and strengthen the value of their business. Visit for more information..

The EmpowerRD-Fundsquire partnership allows a collaborative service with a uniquely advantageous offering to companies — lower fees, efficiently integrated use of technology and expertise throughout. Together, we ensure companies get the full HMRC credit for their innovations, without the HMRC wait-times.