R&D Tax Credit Overview

Everything you need to know about the R&D tax credit scheme from HMRC. A complete guide for new claimants.

R&D Tax Credit Overview

Software Development R&D Claims

Key insights into claiming R&D tax credits for software development projects

Clarifying the Impact of CBILS on R&D Tax Credits

How the government's Coronavirus loan scheme affects your ability to claim.

Which costs qualify for R&D?

A breakdown of the types of costs that can be included in your claim.

EmpowerRD Covid-19 response

How we're helping businesses with their cash flow during the downturn.

Which scheme should I apply to?

An overview of the two R&D tax credit schemes available.

Is my business eligible?

Find out if the activity undertaken by your business can qualify as R&D.

How much can I claim?

Read how different accounting positions can affect how much you're able to claim.

What evidence is required to make an R&D claim?

Learn about the different pieces of evidence required for different R&D costs.


The most common queries we hear about the R&D scheme.

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