Introduction to R&D Tax Credits

Everything you need to know about the R&D tax credit scheme from HMRC. A complete guide for new claimants.

Tax credit overview

Software Development R&D Tax Credit Claims

Key insights into claiming R&D tax credits for software development projects.

RDEC Scheme Guide

The complete guide to compiling and submitting an RDEC claim. Includes an explanation of differences between the two schemes.

Clarifying the Impact of CBILS on R&D Tax Credits

How the government's Coronavirus loan scheme affects your ability to claim.

Which costs qualify for R&D?

A breakdown of the types of costs that can be included in your claim.

EmpowerRD Covid-19 response

How we're helping businesses with their cash flow during the downturn.

Which scheme should I apply to?

Understand how your business's financial profile affects which scheme you need to apply to

Is my business eligible for R&D tax credits?

Find out if the activity undertaken by your business can qualify as R&D.

How much can I claim?

Read how different accounting positions can affect how much you're able to claim.

What evidence is required to make an R&D claim?

Learn about the different pieces of evidence required for different R&D costs.


The most common queries we hear about the R&D scheme.

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