London, 8th February 2022: EmpowerRD is adding to its leadership team with the appointment of Jonathan Yeomans as its Tax Lead.

Jonathan brings a wealth of experience with him as tax professional with 32 years of experience working within various departments of HMRC. As a senior HMRC tax professional, Jonathan was previously an HMRC Compliance Project Board member and Risk Lead for SME technical projects involving R&D and other corporate tax reliefs. Before becoming compliance Risk Lead, he spent 17 years working as a Tax Inspector and Senior Tax Inspector, undertaking hundreds of enquiries into company tax returns. He brings extensive tax knowledge and strategic expertise to EmpowerRD, along with commercial experience from working within the tax automation industry at untied, a personal tax software company.

Jonathan, Tax Lead for EmpowerRD, said: “EmpowerRD is already doing a great job in the R&D sector, and they have ambitious and well thought out plans for growth over the next few years. I’m tremendously excited to be joining EmpowerRD at this stage in their development and growth to support their customers and their accounting partners”

“HMRC wants eligible companies to take advantage of the generous R&D tax reliefs on offer, however, this can be a complex and confusing area. EmpowerRD, with their highly skilled professionals and robust processes and platform, make sure that companies claim everything to which they are entitled and ensure claims correctly comply with the rules”.

“We have a shared vision of making taxes easier for businesses. I’m passionate about using technology to help simplify taxes, and EmpowerRD is changing the way R&D tax credit claims are done.  Providing an approach to claiming that is fit for the digital age that marries together an R&D claim platform with leading industry experts to allow companies and their accountants to claim with confidence”.

Harinder Sandhu, CEO and founder of EmpowerRD, commented: “Jonathan’s industry experience and wealth of knowledge will prove invaluable as we continue to grow.  The R&D tax credit claims area is changing and with accelerated digital transformation this space will only continue to move away from the traditional offering many companies provide.  Our customer advisory team is one of the best in the industry and we will continue to expand and strengthen our offering for clients with Jonathan’s help”.

Jonathan has a Master’s Degree in Taxation, specialising in Tax Technology. He lives in Wales with his family and their cocker spaniel, Prince.

About EmpowerRD
EmpowerRD is a leading R&D Claims provider, delivering a service and platform like no one else can.  Through their service they give 24/7 access to their platform and have some of the most experienced tax advisors available to support customers through their claims.  Changing the way R&D tax credits are claimed, EmpowerRD’s combination of technology along with their esteemed team of advisors supports digital transformation making the process time-efficient and cost-effective whilst unlocking more return without long term contracts. Since 2017 they have annually supported over 800 companies and accessed £100 million in funding.

As one of four members that advise the Chartered Institute of Taxation on R&D Agent industry standards, they ensure the R&D tax credit scheme is used effectively and that qualifying expenditures reflect modern innovation.

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