Quicker, easier UK R&D tax claims

Successful R&D claims that don’t take weeks or months to build

Streamline your R&D tax claim process with our market-leading platform & R&D tax specialists:
  • Collaborate on your claims in a single place: Our software eliminates inefficient spreadsheets and email chains with a single source of truth.
  • Ensure your claim is optimised: We’ll find costs other providers miss, and benchmark your claim against your peers to mitigate risk.
  • Get expert advice at every step: Our ex-HMRC R&D specialists review R&D tax claims every day. We’ll support you from qualifying costs, to narrative writing, through to payment tracking.
  • Know your claim will be successful: Our clients have successfully claimed over £100 million with us already.
  • Pay lower fees: Our fees start at just £2K, and max out at 5% of your successful claim.