We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to the EmpowerRD platform today: Our new Company Dashboard!


What is the Company Dashboard?

Our Company Dashboard is the first page our clients will see when they log in. It gives a company-wide view of key information, including current and past claims, claims analytics, and news and updates related to the scheme. You can instantly create a new claim when you need to, without having to get in touch with anyone. 

And unlike any other provider, we allow you to view your claim status with HMRC in real-time – where it is in the queue and how many days until payment is received.

Why make the change?

We’re committed to constantly updating the platform to remain in line with the ever-changing regulations around the R&D tax relief scheme. And we’re just as committed to investing in the user experience that our clients have.

We know that our clients look for us to help make the claim process quicker and easier, so it’s natural to look for ways to give them access to key information immediately when they log in. Having a company-wide view of all claims and access to tools like claim analytics gives our clients quick, convenient access to the information they need the most. And when it comes to communicating progress to senior leaders within the business, the Company Dashboard is the perfect tool to facilitate conversations.

We’re grateful to our clients for offering feedback that continues to enhance the platform, and we’re excited to continue to make the experience richer and more valuable.


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