Partnering with Accountants on R&D tax claims

Help your clients to build robust, optimised R&D tax claims

EmpowerRD’s R&D tax credit partner programme for accountants offers your clients R&D tax claim services from a trusted UK specialist: 


  • Your clients will enjoy the UK’s most efficient and cost-effective end-to-end service.
  • You’ll retain your clients and open up a new revenue stream – without having to touch the claim at all. We can also offer the revenue share as a discount to your client.
  • And you’ll see your clients thrive as they take advantage of this lucrative government tax incentive.

Gain a trusted R&D partner with complementary skills

As R&D tax credit specialists, our team and platform are laser-focused on building successful claims for clients. It’s all we do:

    • We work with over 900 of the UK’s most innovative companies
    • We submit an average of 2-3 claims daily.
    •  To date, we’ve helped our clients successfully claim over £100 million.

Benefits for accountants


  • Xero integration: Our platform supports digital exports and Xero integration, making cost collection quick and easy – avoiding long email chains
  • Intuitive platform: If you do need to get involved in a client’s claim, our platform’s intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to help them.
  • Year-round access: Clients can start claims at any time, even before final accounts have been submitted.

You can be confident that your client has the best R&D claims specialists supporting them


  • A high-quality end-to-end service, including data collection, narrative writing and handling HMRC enquiries.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 access to our R&D claim platform, streamlining data collection and the claim process.
  • Support from our team of R&D specialists (including ex-HMRC specialists) to review claims & make recommendations.
  • Benchmarking to help maximise claim value, while also de-risking the likelihood of HMRC enquiries.

Let’s talk about a partnership


We’d love to partner with you to give your clients a best-in-breed R&D tax claim experience.

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