Spring Budget 2023 - EmpowerRD


How the Spring Budget impacts your

company’s future R&D tax credit claims

Watch EmpowerRD’s Head of Tax, Jon Yeomans and Chief Client Success Officer, Max Glennon, as they discuss the key takeaways from the Spring Budget and how they’ll affect your company’s future R&D tax credit claims.

Get a clear picture of:

  • The impact the Spring Budget has on the R&D tax relief scheme.
  • What this means for future claims.
  • How your company may need to adapt to take advantage of the scheme.

As a 30-year + veteran of HMRC, Jon is an expert on the scheme. In layperson’s terms, he’ll explain what has been decided and how it impacts you.

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About the speakers

Jon Yeomans, Head of Tax, EmpowerRD

Jonathan joined EmpowerRD in 2022 as Head of Tax. He has 32 years of experience working within various departments of HMRC. As a senior HMRC tax professional, Jonathan was previously an HMRC Compliance Project Board member and Risk Lead for SME technical projects involving R&D and other corporate tax reliefs. He brings extensive tax knowledge and strategic expertise to EmpowerRD, along with commercial experience from working within the tax automation industry at untied, a personal tax software company.

Max Glennon, Chief Client Officer, EmpowerRD

Since 2017, Max has headed up the client success team at EmpowerRD.  He has been instrumental in helping over 1,000 companies claim over £160 million in relief via HMRC’s R&D tax credit scheme. Max has extensive knowledge of the R&D tax credit scheme, especially when it comes to building compliant and optimised claims for clients.  

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