About us

EmpowerRD was founded with the belief that too much government funding was being taken by inefficient advisors who weren’t incentivised to lower their cut. To solve this problem we’ve used technology to radically improve the experience of making an R&D claim: making it more reliable, time-efficient and cost-effective in the process.

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The problem

We saw that the incentives in the industry were all wrong. It was in the interests of claims advisors to make the process seem as complicated and long-winded as possible – that way they could justify their sky-high fees. As an advisor to government on R&D, Hari knew that the only way taxpayer money was going to be better spent was if there was a new, transparent entrant into the market.

EmpowerRD’s solution

We knew that by upgrading the technology used in the industry we would be able to both improve the experience and reduce the cost of making a claim. We’ve developed a unique platform that generates intelligent feedback on your claim as it is written, meaning that our advisors can focus on the most important work, like maximising your claim value, and giving specialist feedback on the report once it’s been generated.


We’ve put together a world-class team of advisors including ex-HMRC inspectors and those who have managed claims for global brands like HP and RBS. We’ve processed claims that generated over £130 million of tax credits, and worked with some of the leading high-growth businesses in the UK. Already we’ve ensured that hundred of thousands of pounds more of taxpayers’ money has reached its intended recipients and we’re working tirelessly to ensure that much more will in the future.

"We started EmpowerRD because we saw that many advisors were mystifying the process and overcharging for their service."

Harinder Sandhu, CEO and Founder EmpowerRD
Member of HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee

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