About EmpowerRD

Optimised R&D tax claims for innovative UK companies

At EmpowerRD, we help innovative UK companies build optimised, robust R&D tax credit claims. By combining our proprietary R&D tax claim platform with a team of specialists, we offer clients a more efficient experience, a robust and auditable claim, and more competitive pricing.

With the R&D tax credit scheme undergoing significant changes, choosing the right specialist has never been more important. We’re proud to have helped over 1,000 UK companies claim over £160 million in R&D tax credits since our inception in 2017.


We proactively engage with HMRC and R&D tax credit advisor industry

We believe that engaging with HMRC and the broader industry on the R&D tax credit scheme benefits both claimant companies and taxpayers. In addition to participating in HMRC’s R&D Communication Forum (RDCF), we actively contribute to consultations.


We have high professional standards

EmpowerRD is one of just 5 members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Professional Standards Working Party.

Our team includes ex-HMRC staff, members who are ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians) qualified, and R&D technical narrative specialists.

Our team is AML trained, and we’re AML registered & supervised by HMRC.

Our history

In 2017, we recognised that the R&D tax advisory industry was ripe for change. It was in the interests of claims advisors to make the process seem as complicated and long-winded as possible to justify charging sky-high fees.

It wasn’t an effective use of taxpayer money. And from the perspective of claimant companies, it seemed like an expensive and inefficient way to claim tax credits.

We believed that the only way to deliver value for claimants and taxpayers was to rethink the claim process, using the best of both technology and human expertise to deliver accuracy, efficiency and value.

We launched EmpowerRD, the UK’s first R&D tax credit platform and service, and received backing from Forward Partners.

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