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One Seamless Experience with People + Platform

Our streamlined hybrid approach from application to refund, on average, will only take 8 hours, which is typically 2.5X faster than working with traditional advisors, at only 5% of final credit or less. 

R&D TAX CREDITS combining technology & human expertise

One Seamless Experience with People + Platform

learn more about the R&D Tax Credits claim process

The Claims Process

r&d tax credits software

Discovery Call

Our experienced claims specialists will walk you through the whole process and make sure it’s clear how to identify projects and what you can and can’t claim.


Claims Platform

There are only 8 sections to complete for submission. You can find out more about these sections here.

a person on the computer using our r&d tax credits software


Our specialist team will carefully review each section for accuracy, compliance, and optimisation. Your dedicated claims manager will discuss benchmarking for cost optimisation. Rest assured, our Ex-HMRC specialists conduct thorough checks on final applications before submission.



When you're ready to submit, the platform automates the process by populating your company, cost and technical data into the Additional Information Form which will automatically get sent to HMRC. In addition you can choose to submit the corporation tax return (CT600) yourself or let our team handle that too.

a person with their colleague going through our R&D tax credits software

HMRC Follow-up

Our team will chase the correct HMRC departments for updates on claim progress and provide enquiry support if needed.


Tax Credit Received

HMRC will typically pay out within 6 weeks from claim submission.

a person that has received money from our r&d tax credits software

Learn more about our platform here

Why Should You Choose EmpowerRD?

Our platform + service takes away the complexity of claiming R&D tax relief.

Trusted by
customers with a total
claim value of


2.5X faster than traditional advisors


Up to 4X more cost-effective: 5% or less of final credit back


8 hours on average to submit


Reduce risk: 2.4% enquiry rate, with just only 0.3% adjustment

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