Faster, more efficient R&D claims for UK companies


Our R&D platform and team of specialists take the headache out of building your R&D claim.

Save time without compromising on claim quality. EmpowerRD combines technology and human expertise to ensure your R&D tax credit claim isn’t just compliant – it’s also complete,  benchmarked, optimised and robust enough to stand up to HMRC’s increasing scrutiny.

Fast-track the claim building process. Enjoy support from our team of R&D specialists. Build an R&D tax credit claim with a partner you can trust.

Streamline the R&D claim process with our platform

Streamline cost collection and claim building – no more interviews or endless email chains! Upload your data via our Xero integration and follow clear prompts to allocate costs.

Give multiple users access to your R&D claim, allowing them to log on and complete their parts anytime, from anywhere. Our automated workflows keep your claim moving forward so you don’t miss deadlines.

Rely on our proprietary rules engine and benchmarking capabilities to guide you towards a robust claim that stands up to HMRC’s scrutiny.

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EmpowerRD's R&D tax claim platform streamlines claim building

Get expert human support from our team of R&D specialists

EmpowerRD's friendly team of R&D specialists support you throughout the R&D claim process.

Because technology alone isn’t enough, our friendly team of R&D specialists support you throughout the claim process. From kick-off through to payout, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our team of technical narrative writers help you to clearly articulate the innovative work you’ve done, in the format and language that HMRC prefers.

Every element of claim we submit is reviewed multiple times to ensure it’s correct, compliant, and optimised. And if you don’t understand something, we’re here to help.

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Trusted by over 900 UK companies

Key features of our R&D tax credit claim platform and service

Combine the speed and accuracy of technology with deep knowledge of R&D specialists. Build a successful R&D claim quickly and efficiently.

Claim optimisation & benchmarking to maximise value and mitigate risk.

Automated cost collection via Xero integration, or spreadsheet upload.

End-to-end service from our team,
including technical narrative writing.

24×7 platform access for an unlimited number of users.

Tiered user permissions to support collaboration and data confidentiality.

R&D tax claim submission and HMRC
follow-up handled by our team.

Updates and information on the R&D tax credit scheme as it evolves.

Enquiry support and liaison at no extra charge.

Competitive pricing: from £2K, to a max of just 5% of your total claim value.

Why leading UK companies choose EmpowerRD

Over £130 million successfully claimed.

An average of 3 claims submitted every day.

24×7 access to current and past claims in our platform.

Over 900 UK companies helped.

AML-trained, ex-HMRC staff review every claim.

No lock-in contracts; claim reports supplied as standard.

“The online platform made it much easier to coordinate between the finance and technical teams.”

Sophia Meadows, Finance Director, Bloom & Wild

“Although EmpowerRD only charged us 5% of our credit, the whole experience was actually much better than with our previous R&D tax credit advisor.”

Dan Jarrett, Finance Director, CharlieHR

“I was looking for a specialist with a rigorous platform that could handle a complex R&D tax credit claim, because of our grant. EmpowerRD came up on top.”

Claire Trant, Co-founder, Untap

“With the platform EmpowerRD provides, we had the control over things that we wanted to have control over… It was exactly what we wanted after our last experience. It was a breath of fresh air.”

Allar Klein, Chairman & CEO, iknowa

“What I find so useful is having a platform that anyone can work on at any time. There’s no dealing with annoying back and forth. I can supervise everything on the platform, and see the progress of the claim.”

Gwen Le Calvez, CTO, Birdie

“EmpowerRD is much more than software. Having an expert team in-house, providing advice and guidance throughout the entire claims process, and always being available to jump on a call, is so important for us.”

Sam Sugden, Financial Controller, Vertical Aerospace

“The reality is you do end up spending a lot of money on R&D over 12 months, and if there’s an opportunity to unlock some of that capital early, it’s really beneficial from a cash flow perspective.”

James Swanston, CEO, Voyage Control

“EmpowerRD is doing R&D claims the way everyone should be doing it. They absolutely exceeded our expectations and are now one of our long term partners.”

Ben Jeffries, CEO & Co-founder, influencer