Optimise your R&D tax credit claim


Our software platform and R&D tax specialists make it quicker and more efficient to build a successful R&D tax credit claim.


  • Spend less time collecting data and emailing spreadsheets.
  • Have your claim professionally benchmarked and optimised.
  • Enjoy end-to-end service – for max of 5% of your claim value.

What the Autumn Statement means for your R&D tax claims


Get expert analysis of the implications of the Autumn Statement on your future R&D tax claims: What it means, how claims will be affected & what you need to consider going forward.

Trusted by over 900 of the UK’s most innovative companies

The new standard for building R&D tax credit claims

Set your R&D claim up for success
Define projects and ID qualifying expenditure with our team.

Build your claim efficiently
Import & assign costs, and collaborate on the technical narrative, all in our R&D platform.

Review, benchmark & optimise
Every claim element is reviewed multiple times to ensure compliance & optimisation.

Get end-to-end support
Claim report generation, submission and HMRC enquiries all handled at no extra cost.

EmpowerRD's R&D tax claim platform streamlines claim building

Why UK companies choose EmpowerRD for R&D tax claims

Traditional R&D tax credit advisors charge high fees as they spend lots of time doing low-value data collection at their convenience. Our combination of an R&D tax credit software platform and expert advice gives you a more efficient process and better results, at a lower price.


Intelligent online data collection 24/7
Avg 3 claims submitted daily
Ex-HMRC inspectors reviewing claims
Import past data automatically
No lock-in contracts

5% of credit or less

Traditional advisors

Time consuming interviews & phone calls
Success rates vary wildly
Mixed levels of expertise
Manually cross-check past claims
Multiple year lock-in contracts

10-33% of credit

All-inclusive pricing, no hidden charges

"EmpowerRD make it easier and cheaper for companies to claim R&D tax credits"

The Times

What our clients say

Gideon Overton

CEO 2020 Data Lab


Excellent Value for Money

"Whilst there is a level of self service, EmpowerRD staff were incredibly helpful throughout. Their portal is user friendly and their industry knowledge second to none. My R&D tax credit was paid out at 100%."

Chris O'Sullivan

CTO Lexoo


Makes It Practically Painless!

"I've gone through the R&D process 4 times, and this was by far the easiest way to submit. They were great every step of the way - and the way the platform works made creating an R&D tax credits proposal very easy."

George Chalmers

CEO Migrate


Fantastic Service

"This is not just a platform that they leave you to work through on your own, as I feared. The team are on top of everything and really helpful. Whole process took no time at all and was very painless."

Faster R&D tax claim payouts with advance funding

 Our R&D tax claim platform and financing partnerships mean we can help you access your R&D tax credit faster than any other provider.

Our fastest claim & payout to date? 6 days & 2 hours.

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Import claims

Automatically use historical R&D tax credit claim data to speed up this year's submission.


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Analyse accounts

Pull in your R&D costs from your accounting software: connect with Xero or upload a spreadsheet.


Instant funding

R&D Advance Funding lets you access funds up to 9 months before you file your claim.