Optimise your R&D tax credit claim


Our software platform and R&D tax specialists make it quicker and more efficient to build a successful R&D tax credit claim.


  • Spend less time collecting data and emailing spreadsheets.
  • Have your claim professionally benchmarked and optimised.
  • Enjoy end-to-end service – for max of 5% of your claim value.

Understand the impact of the proposed changes to the UK’s R&D tax credit scheme


The proposed changes are significant, and will affect all companies’ future R&D tax claims.
Our Quick Reference Guide gives you expert analysis of the proposed changes, including illustrative examples that will help you to understand what your future claims may look like.

Trusted by over 900 of the UK’s most innovative companies

The new standard for building R&D tax credit claims

Set your R&D claim up for success
Define projects and ID qualifying expenditure with our team.

Build your claim efficiently
Import & assign costs, and collaborate on the technical narrative, all in our R&D platform.

Review, benchmark & optimise
Every claim element is reviewed multiple times to ensure compliance & optimisation.

Get end-to-end support
Claim report generation, submission and HMRC enquiries all handled at no extra cost.

EmpowerRD's R&D tax claim platform streamlines claim building

Why UK companies choose EmpowerRD for R&D tax claims

Traditional R&D tax credit advisors charge high fees as they spend lots of time doing low-value data collection at their convenience. Our combination of an R&D tax credit software platform and expert R&D tax claim advice gives you a more efficient process and better results, at a lower price.


Intelligent online data collection 24/7
Avg 3 claims submitted daily
Ex-HMRC inspectors reviewing claims
Import past data automatically
No lock-in contracts

5% of credit or less

Traditional advisors

Time consuming interviews & phone calls
Success rates vary wildly
Mixed levels of expertise
Manually cross-check past claims
Multiple year lock-in contracts

10-33% of credit

All-inclusive pricing, no hidden charges

"EmpowerRD make it easier and cheaper for companies to claim R&D tax credits"

The Times

What our clients say

Gideon Overton

CEO 2020 Data Lab

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Excellent Value for Money

"Whilst there is a level of self service, EmpowerRD staff were incredibly helpful throughout. Their portal is user friendly and their industry knowledge second to none. My R&D tax credit was paid out at 100%."

Chris O'Sullivan

CTO Lexoo

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Makes It Practically Painless!

"I've gone through the R&D process 4 times, and this was by far the easiest way to submit. They were great every step of the way - and the way the platform works made creating an R&D tax credits proposal very easy."

George Chalmers

CEO Migrate

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Fantastic Service

"This is not just a platform that they leave you to work through on your own, as I feared. The team are on top of everything and really helpful. Whole process took no time at all and was very painless."

Faster R&D tax claim payouts with advance funding

 Our R&D tax claim platform and financing partnerships mean we can help you access your R&D tax credit faster than any other provider.

Our fastest claim & payout to date? 6 days & 2 hours.

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Import claims

Automatically use historical R&D tax credit claim data to speed up this year's submission.


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Analyse accounts

Pull in your R&D costs from your accounting software: connect with Xero or upload a spreadsheet.


Instant funding

R&D Advance Funding lets you access funds up to 9 months before you file your claim.


R&D tax relief reform consultation launched: Merged, single RDEC-like scheme proposed

20 January 2023
In response to the announcement of a simplified, single RDEC-like R&D tax credit scheme in the Autumn Statements, HMRC has initiated an 8-week consultation. Full story >>

EmpowerRD’s R&D update – January 2023

18 January 2023
An update from our Head of Tax Jon Yeomans on the latest changes affecting the UK’s R&D tax credit scheme. Watch the video >>

HMRC take an important first step in regulating the R&D tax advisory market

17 January 2023
Following the consultation, HMRC outlined a series of steps. The most critical one for the R&D tax advisor market to note is HMRC’s decision to introduce a consistent registration requirement for repayment agents. Here’s what you need to know. Full story >>

EmpowerRD’s predictions for the R&D tax credit scheme in 2023

3 January 2023
With major changes on the horizon, 2023 marks a pivotal moment for the UK’s R&D tax relief scheme. Here’s our take on the year that was and what we expect in 2023. Full story >>