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Forget about using spreadsheets and emails. Enjoy the benefits of a software platform designed to help you build an optimised R&D claim in the most effective way, with support and guidance from our team of R&D tax claim specialists.


EmpowerRD's R&D tax claim platform streamlines claim building

Key features of EmpowerRD’s R&D tax credit platform

Automated cost collection

Connect Xero via our secure integration and upload your cost data automatically. (No Xero? No problem – just download our cost collection template and upload it with your accounts data.)

Once you’ve uploaded your cost data, allocate percentages for qualifying expenditure and submit your costs for review. Discover additional costs? Just add them in and repeat the process.

It’s that simple – no more managing different versions of spreadsheets, or losing important information in endless email chains.

Xero cost collection

Claim benchmarking

Understand how your R&D tax claim compares to other claims – in the same industry, and scheme. See whether your claim seems significantly larger or smaller than claims in the same scheme and industry.

Mitigate the risk of an HMRC enquiry – or of undervaluing your claim – by discussing your benchmarking results with your Client Success Manager, who will be able to advise on how to strengthen your claim, as well as look for undiscovered costs.

Use the benchmarking data to better understand the intensity of R&D for similar claiming companies, and feed into strategic decisions at your company.

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Role-based user access

Collaborate with colleagues on your R&D tax claim, without exposing sensitive data. Invite as many users as you need to build your claim.

Our role-based user access enables you to assign discrete tasks to different stakeholders, including tech leads, engineers, and accountants.

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Claim analytics

Understand more about the key metrics of your R&D claims: both your current claim, as well as past claims with EmpowerRD.

Compare key metrics like claim value over time and total qualifying expenditure by category, as well as the number of employees and projects included in the claim.

Comprehensive support from our team

Our R&D tax claim platform is only half of the solution: in addition to technology, you need R&D expertise that only humans can provide. Our team of Client Success Managers, backed by our R&D tax credit specialists, provide you with the personalised support you need to successfully build and optimise your R&D tax claim.

From onboarding and platform support, through to comprehensive claim reviews, benchmarking and optimisation, our friendly team are ready to support you.

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Robust security

At EmpowerRD, we understand that your company’s financial information is confidential and commercially sensitive. Our R&D tax claim platform is built with security in mind, utilising multiple layers and technologies to give you peace of mind.

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