EmpowerRD Xero Integration - EmpowerRD

Enjoy the benefits of EmpowerRD’s Xero integration

Connect your Xero account to EmpowerRD to streamline cost collection and improve its accuracy. Select relevant suppliers and spend and quickly build out your claim.

Why connect EmpowerRD and Xero?


By connecting Xero you can quickly select suppliers and costs relevant to your R&D projects.  This takes less time than creating and uploading cost spreadsheets or entering costs manually.


We’ll analyse all your expenditure in the year and let you select and filter suppliers and invoices.  This makes sure you discover all the spend for your R&D projects and that your claim reflects your actual spend


We link your imported Xero costs back to the original invoices, suppliers and transactions in Xero so there is a clear audit path for your R&D expenditure.

Connect EmpowerRD’s R&D platform to Xero in 3 steps

1. Choose EmpowerRD for your R&D Claim
2. Connect to Xero

After the introduction call with your claim manager, you can sign into the EmpowerRD platform and you’ll be prompted to connect Xero.  If you can connect Xero straight away it will be speed up your cost collection process and give us a chance to analyse all your expenditures.

We’ll always then prompt you again to connect to Xero when it’s time for your cost collection.

3. Sign in and authorise EmpowerRD

After clicking the “Connect to Xero” button you’ll be prompted to authorise our app to read information from your account.  We’ll only look at information between the dates of your claim, and we never change any information in your Xero account (nor do we request the permission to do this). Find out more on our Xero help page

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