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Our R&D tax credit service team give you the help you need to build an optimised, compliant R&D claim. Enjoy the benefits of friendly, human expertise and support while building your claim on our R&D tax claim platform.

Key features of EmpowerRD’s R&D tax credit service


Get advice and support tailored to your company’s specific R&D claim: from cost reviews through to technical narrative writing and even HMRC enquiry support, we’re here to help at every step.


Comprehensive R&D tax claim support and review

While you’ll use our R&D tax claim platform to build your claim, our team of experts will be working in parallel to support you. From helping you to set up users or connect Xero, we’re here to help.

Every aspect of your claim will be reviewed by our team – and like you, we’ll use the platform to provide feedback on your claim, from cost collection, through to technical narrative writing, benchmarking, and submission. This keeps all the information in one central place – and gives you an audit trail, should you ever need it.

EmpowerRD's friendly team of R&D specialists support you throughout the R&D claim process.

Technical narrative writing

Writing a technical narrative is a specialist skill: it’s about providing the right level of information to help HMRC understand the innovative work you’ve done, using language that they understand. 

Our technical narrative specialists will take the technical information you provide and “translate” it into a concise, digestible narrative that’s designed for HMRC’s R&D tax inspectors to read and understand. You’ll have the opportunity to review the narrative to confirm that it represents the work correctly.

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Standard enquiry support included

HMRC’s enquiry rate has increased dramatically as part of their efforts to combat fraud. With the average enquiry lasting approximately 13 months, it can be a stressful time for claimant companies.

We stand behind the claims we submit, and work with you proactively to minimise the risk of an enquiry being raised. Should it happen, we’ll work with you to defend standard HMRC enquiries at no extra charge.


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