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We make building successful R&D tax credit claims less painful

Our R&D platform and team of specialists make building a robust R&D tax claim more efficient, without sacrificing quality. Spend less time being interviewed and emailing spreadsheets. Spend more time getting your job done.

Why companies switch to EmpowerRD for R&D tax claims

EmpowerRD is the smarter way to claim R&D tax credits. We combine a team of expert claims advisors with an intelligent online platform, so you can be confident in a seamless experience, and a fully optimised and defensible claim.

EmpowerRD makes it quicker, more efficient and less expensive to build and submit a fully optimised R&D claim. Our end-to-end service includes our R&D platform to speed up data collection and manage efficient collaboration; and our team of specialists to guide and advise you at every step.

From identifying additional qualifying costs, through to narrative writing, benchmarking, optimisation and submission, we’re here to help. And should HMRC raise an enquiry, we’ll handle that too – all for the same low fee.

Uncover the true value of your claim

Uncover the true value of your claim

Our expert team benchmark your claim against other companies in your industry, ensuring all costs are uncovered and you receive the full value of credit you’re eligible for.

We retrospectively evaluated Bloom & Wild’s previous claim and increased the credit they received from HMRC by 290%.

Protect your business from risk

Protect your business from risk

New compliance measures have recently been put into place by HMRC, so it’s more important than ever to submit a robust claim.

EmpowerRD is a trusted advisor, who participates in HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee. We know exactly what’s needed to ensure your claim is fully compliant and defensible. In the unlikely event that HMRC do question your claim, we’ll handle all communication for no additional fee.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

Our combination of the best claims advice and a digitally supported data collection process saves you both time and money.

We only charge 5% or less of your credit, and our percentage fee structure means we’re incentivised to fully optimise the value of your claim. We also never lock you into a multi-year contract, typical in the industry.

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Why work with EmpowerRD on your R&D tax credit claim?

Easy switching & full support

From easily importing your costs and past claim data, to our team writing your technical narrative for you, we’ll guide you through the whole claim,  end-to-end.

Industry leading guidance

We are a member of the HMRC’s Consultative Committee and we’re 1 of 4 advisors in the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Professional Working Party.

Results you can

We submit an average of 3 R&D tax credit claims daily. And we’ve helped more than 900 UK companies successfully claim over £130m in R&D tax credits.

What our clients say about claiming with EmpowerRD

“You wouldn't expect there to be so much of a difference between two providers but the numbers speak for themselves"

Sophia Meadows, Finance Director, Bloom & Wild

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"Although EmpowerRD only charged us 5% of our credit, the whole experience was much better than with our previous advisor."

Dan Jarrett, Finance Director, CharlieHR

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“EmpowerRD challenges us on our claim to make sure the details are right - maximising the value of funds, and avoiding the risk of enquiry.”

Ashley Friedlein, CEO, Guild

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"EmpowerRD made it easier than all the other providers we looked at to coordinate the claim amongst our globally distributed workforce."

Jamal Smith Rowe, CFO, Cognism

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