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EmpowerRD’s 6-step claim process


Step1: Discovery call

First off, a dedicated claims manager will kick off the claim with a 30-minute onboarding call. They’ll give an overview of EmpowerRD’s R&D claim process and guide you in identifying R&D projects that meet the criteria. Together, you will then establish timelines and project goals.

Step 2: Claims Platform

There are 4 steps to complete for submission. This includes setup, projects, costs and allocation.

Step 3: Review

Once each step on the claim platform is completed, our team of tax professionals and ex-HMRC inspectors will review, edit and provide feedback for each step within 48 hours to ensure the claim aligns with BEIS guidelines. 

When all edits have been made, and the EmpowerRD team is happy and confident, the claim is ready; it will be shared with you to finalise accuracy and completeness.

Step 4: Submission

When you’re ready to submit, the platform automates the process by populating your company, cost and technical data into the Additional Information Form. You can choose to submit the corporation tax return (CT600) yourself or let our team handle that, too.


Step 5: HMRC Follow-up

After submitting your claim, we’ll chase HMRC to prevent delays. 

If, by chance, HMRC conducts an enquiry, we’ll assist you in resolving the matter without charging additional fees.

Step 6: Tax Credit Received

Following submission, in usually six weeks’ time, your corporation tax bill will be reduced, or your cash benefit will be paid into your account!



Master the intricacies of the R&D Tax Credit scheme

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