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The manufacturing sector receives more R&D
credits than any other.

The manufacturing sector receives more R&D credits than any other.


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average SME claim


average RDEC claim



Key Considerations

What to look out for when submitting a claim for your manufacturing business.

Activities manufacturers often miss
from their claims

Activities manufacturers often miss from their claims

Process Developments

The majority of claims in manufacturing tend to be in development rather than research, ie in using novel methods to improve their current production processes. However many manufacturers underestimate the extent to which their process developments can qualify for R&D.


Due to the increasing digitisation of manufacturing, manufacturers are increasingly deploying large-scale ERP software such as SAP and Oracle. These deployments may involve significant customisations which could qualify as R&D.

Integrating New Technology

While many manufacturers will claim for the development of a new technology they may overlook the process of integrating that technology into their older systems or products. This integration process may be complex and require significant expertise to complete.

Common complications from
manufacturers’ claims

Common complications from manufacturers’ claims

Fixed Assets

The costs incurred from R&D should, in most cases, be included in Profit and Loss account. Manufacturers typically have large Fixed Assets, which may be engaged in the R&D process, but cannot be claimed for under the scheme’s current rules. There are some exceptions for Intangible Assets, which we can advise on.

Directors’ Remuneration

In manufacturing the question of directors’ remuneration often arises. Many manufacturers may wish to remunerate their directors with dividend payments for the individual’s personal tax benefit, however dividend payments are not claimable under the R&D tax credit scheme. If the director is heavily involved in the R&D then it may make more sense to pay the director a salary. This should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Selling Prototypes

The development of prototypes is often a fundamental part of the R&D process for manufacturers. However, if that prototype is later going to be sold (eg the first version of a bespoke machine later sold to a client), then its development cannot qualify for R&D.

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