Today we mark a significant milestone for us here at EmpowerRD — we have helped over 1,000 clients! We’re grateful that so many UK companies have entrusted us with their R&D tax credit claims.

In 2017, our founder Hari Sandhu believed that the R&D tax credit advisor industry was incentivised in the wrong way. He set out to correct it by combining R&D experts with cutting-edge technology, making the process more time-efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Nearly 6 years later, we’ve been privileged to serve over 1,000 clients – from our early adopters, who have remained loyal since day one, through to those who just recently joined us. 

We are excited to continue to grow and support more innovative UK companies with their R&D tax credit claims. As the R&D tax credit scheme continues to evolve, we remain committed to helping clients make R&D tax claims that are both compliant and optimised.  

“There is no greater validation than a growing client base, and I couldn’t be prouder of our wonderful team & clients,” says Hari

“It’s so exciting to see our vision become a reality, and I’m confident that we’re in a great position to navigate the changes in the R&D Tax advisor market this year and beyond.”

Seeking a trusted partner to help you build your R&D tax claim?

We’re here to help. Over 1000 UK companies have trusted EmpowerRD’s R&D platform and specialists to help them build optimised, compliant R&D tax claims. Please get in touch with one of our experts today if you have any further questions.