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Clear R&D tax claim pricing, no surprises

Pay a maximum of just 5% of the value of your SME scheme R&D tax credit, with no hidden extras.

5% or less
of the amount you receive back from HMRC for your SME claim

Our expert R&D tax claim team and powerful R&D tax credit platform support you at every stage of your claim.

We collaborate with your finance and technical teams to build a compliant claim.

Once complete, we can submit your claim or leave it to you and your accountant.

We track your claim until you receive the credit and handle standard HMRC enquiries for no additional fee.

Not claimed before?

Try our simple R&D calculator for an instant estimate of how much your claim is worth.

Claiming over £150,000?

We offer tiered pricing for R&D tax claims with a benefit over £150,000. Speak to our team to find out more.

Claiming via the RDEC scheme?

Get in touch to learn more about claiming under this scheme, and our competitive RDEC pricing.

How we price your R&D tax claim

How we price a claim

Graph showing EmpowerRD's 5% fee, as a % of total claim value.
graph showing how the claim value is generated from the total R&D budget of the company. EmpowerRD's fee is then 5% of the claim value.

Pricing FAQs

Pricing FAQs

Do you require us to commit to more than one year’s claim?

You are not obligated to file multiple years' claims; if you wish to switch providers, you are free to do so.

Do you have a minimum fee?

Yes, we charge a minimum of £3,000 for processing your claim. If you're due to receive more than £60,000 from HMRC then this will not affect the fee you're charged.

How is EmpowerRD’s fee calculated?

We charge a % of the credit you receive back from HMRC. For smaller claims, the % is fixed at 5%. So if you're a startup receiving £100,000 back, we'll charge you £5,000.

Are there other fees apart from the 5%?

No, we'll never charge you more than 5% of your credit. We'll even handle any follow-up enquiries from HMRC for free. Unlike many providers, the complexity of your claim doesn't affect how much we'll charge.

Are you a DIY service? Why do you only charge 5%?

No, we're not a DIY service. Our low cost is due to the investment we've made automating a lot of the menial work traditionally done by advisors.

When will I receive my money with EmpowerRD Now?

We aim for all EmpowerRD Now clients to receive their funds on the same day their claim is submitted to HMRC. This is subject to the required documentation being presented beforehand.