EmpowerRD Xero Integration Help

This page is broken into a few sections – you can quickly navigate with the table of contents listed below.


The EmpowerRD Xero integration makes it quick and easy to select and include qualifying R&D expenditures.  By combining our market leading technology, advisor experience and claims expertise you can select relevant employee, subcontractor/EPW and consumable costs in next to no time. If you’d like to know more, head to our Xero partner page.

Data Flow Diagram

The diagram below details the data flow between Xero and the EmpowerRD Platform.  Please note that all access is “read only” and the EmpowerRD Platform cannot change any information in Xero.


Getting Started

Once enabled, the EmpowerRD Xero integration is completely self service.

  • Firstly, ensure your dedicated Claim Manager is aware you’d like to use the Xero integration.  They will usually discuss this during your introductory call and enable it for you.
  • When you login for the first time you will be prompted to connect to Xero; for larger businesses this helps ensure all your costs are imported before you get to the cost selection phase.  If you do not connect straight away you will be prompted to connect to Xero when you’re ready to start selecting costs.
  • When you are ready, select the “Connect to Xero” button on the integration page.  This will redirect to you to a Xero login page.  After logging in with the relevant credentials for your Xero instance, you will be prompted to allow the EmpowerRD App permission to access your Xero data.  The app will never change your Xero data, and all requested permissions are for “read only” access.  If you have multiple Xero tenants tied to your login, please ensure you select the correct tenant/company.
  • After granting access, you will be redirected back to the EmpowerRD platform

How it Works

At a high level, the EmpowerRD Xero app will import your Nominal/Account Codes, Suppliers (from your Contacts), Invoices and Bank Transactions.  Please note that the app will only import invoices or transactions between the dates for your R&D claim that are marked as Authorised.  Because your R&D Tax Credit claim will be linked to an accounting period, it is important to only include payments made in that same period.

  • Once you are back in the EmpowerRD platform, you will be presented with a list of Account codes.  When you select account codes that are relevant to your Research and Development Project Spend, the app will filter a list of relevant suppliers for you to selectEmpowerRD R&D Tax Credits Xero Integration Help - 1
  • Note that automatically exclude some account codes for which payments will not typically qualify with HMRC.  Please also note that you can return to this page at any point to select/deselect account codes as needed, and it will refresh the list of relevant suppliers for you.
  • Once you have selected relevant account codes, you will be redirected to a list of suppliers.  This list of suppliers are those that have been paid in the claim period dates under one of the selected nominals (we do this to avoid showing you every single supplier in your Xero tenant).  From here you can categorise suppliers into relevant claim cost categories – if you need any help here please do get in contact with your claim manager
  • After selected suppliers, the app will present a categorised list of payments (Invoices or Bank Transactions) for each supplier – from this screen you can simply check on or off relevant payments for your R&D Claim


What information does the EmpowerRD platform read from Xero?
The EmpowerRD platform will look at Account Codes/Nominals, Suppliers (Contacts), Invoices and Bank Transactions.  There are scenarios where payments are made without Invoices so it’s important to capture both sets of payment information.  The Xero integration will only read Invoices and Bank Transactions that fall inside the relevant accounting period for your claim. Xero is one of our Data Processors. You can find a full list here.
I connected the wrong Xero tenant, what do I do?

You can delete the EmpowerRD Xero integration from your Xero connected apps or from the “Xero Settings” page on the EmpowerRD platform (this page will show you if your connected account has access to more than one tenant).

Can I include all costs in my claim?

Your claim manager will advise you, generally, of what types of costs qualify for R&D Tax Credit.  The EmpowerRD platform will also advise you during the process and recommend certain costs be excluded.  Your claim, and all costs, will be fully reviewed by experts before submission to HMRC.

Not all my costs are in Xero

That’s fine; you can always add additional costs manually in the Platform! 

I need some help getting Xero Connected

Your dedicated claim manager will assist you in connecting Xero, or you can get in touch with them for any queries about the information the Platform pulls in from Xero.  You can always also use the live chat in the Platform to quickly get an answer to your questions!