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Our platform + service takes away the complexity of claiming R&D tax relief.

  • 2.5X faster than traditional advisors
  • Up to 4X cheaper: 5% or less of final credit back
  • Reduce risk: 2.5% enquiry rate, with just only 0.4% adjustment

Trusted by 1,000+ customers with a total claim value of £200m.

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Why EmpowerRD?

2.5X faster than traditional advisors

In just 5 easy steps, with an average of 8 hours to complete submission, find out more.


Set your claim up for success.



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Fast-track the claim process.



Review, benchmark, and optimise.

EmpowerRD vs. Traditional Advisors


Intelligent online data collection 24/7
Avg 3 claims submitted daily
Ex-HMRC inspectors reviewing claims
Import past data automatically
No lock-in contracts

5% of credit or less

Traditional advisors

Time consuming interviews & phone calls
Success rates vary wildly
Mixed levels of expertise
Manually cross-check past claims
Multiple year lock-in contracts

10-20% of credit

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