EmpowerRD's Founder & Executive Chairman Hari Sandhu, and CEO Robert Whiteside
We’re delighted to announce that Robert Whiteside has been appointed CEO of EmpowerRD, leading the company through the next phase of its growth.

Robert joined EmpowerRD as Chief Revenue Officer in 2020, and became Chief Operating Officer in 2021. With over 25 years’ experience in helping technology companies scale and grow, he’s ideally placed to lead us into the future.

“Robert has played a significant role in EmpowerRD since he joined the business, and has taken an active role in shaping both our commercial and operational arms as we have grown,” says Hari.

“Robert’s considerable experience in scaling tech-enabled businesses will enable EmpowerRD to continue to grow at pace, as we respond to the changing demands of the market.”

As more UK companies look for greater levels of transparency and accountability from their R&D tax advisors, EmpowerRD has grown. In response, we’ve continued to invest in both our platform and our team, reflecting our commitment to delivering R&D tax claims efficiently and effectively.

Our founder Hari Sandhu is still very much involved with EmpowerRD, and has become our Executive Chair. He’ll focus his attention on government policy liaison and strengthening relationships within the R&D tax credits and innovations ecosystem.

“Hari’s vision of tech-enabled R&D advisors has positively disrupted the market,” says Robert.

“As the scheme continues to evolve, his continued involvement as Executive Chair, on policy and within the ecosystem will be invaluable. We look forward to continuing to be a strong advocate for best practices in the R&D tax advisory space.”

The UK R&D sector is experiencing more change than at any time in its history. This evolution in leadership will ensure that even as we scale, we’ll continue to support our current and future customers and their accountants with high quality claims at sensible fees, ensuring great outcomes for both our clients and the UK taxpayer.