EmpowerRD Now

EmpowerRD Now is a new financing service which allows you to receive your funding as soon as you submit your claim to HMRC

Skip wait times of up to 3 months
Avoid patchy updates from HMRC
Only costs 5% of your credit

How it works

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Talk with our team to assess your eligibility for EmpowerRD Now.

Complete claim

We run our due diligence process while you complete your R&D claim.

Receive funds

Receive your funds as soon as you submit your claim to HMRC.

Start to finish, we’ve got you covered


Intelligent online data collection 24/7
100% success rate
Ex-HMRC inspectors reviewing claims
Import past data automatically
No lock-in contracts
0% claims reduced by HMRC

5% of credit or less

Traditional advisors

Time consuming interviews & phone calls
Success rates vary wildly
Mixed levels of expertise
Manually cross-check past claims
Multiple year lock-in contracts
5% reduction rate typical

10-33% of credit

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