When will HMRC make my R&D tax credit payment?

HMRC’s R&D tax credit payments are delayed

HMRC aims to pay R&D tax claims within 28-40 working days from submission, but waiting times are longer at the moment.
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Need an advance on your claim?

  • EmpowerRD clients may be able to borrow against the value of their current R&D claim – contact your Client Success Manager.
  • Not an EmpowerRD client? Start working with us on your next claim and you may be able to secure an advance against it. Get in touch to discuss this with our team.

Last updated: 31st October 2022

HMRC are reviewing claims submitted on these dates:

SME Claims

March 31

RDEC Claims

March 31

Once your claim has been processed, allow a further 10 days minimum to receive payment.